Sergey Kadinsky



Fall 2005


The Hidden Architecture of CCNY


The City College of New York

The Civil War Memorial, located on the ground floor of Shepard Hall dates to 1875. The monument contains the names of seven CCNY alumni who were killed in the Civil War. These photos were taken during my time as a student at CCNY.

The bell of Shepard Hall automatically rings every hour.

The organ of Shepard Hall hasn't rung since 1969, when rioting students destroyed it. It holds the record for having the first two-rank Dulcet for an organ, designed by the Ernest M. Skinner company of Boston. The nave has medieval-style flags.


The Gothic Tunnels connect the North Academic Center with the five historic Gothic buildings of the North Campus


The unused tunnels connect six campus buildings.

I have a published newspaper article about this place.

This fire hose stand has a century-old CCNY logo. It can be found in Harris Hall, near its entrance to the tunnels.

I've also ventured to the highest points on campus. In the background is Midtown Manhattan. The medieval-style curiosity is the 135th Street Gatehouse, a former aqueduct pumping station that was recently renovated into a performing arts theater.

This a view from an architecture classroom in Shepard Hall. You can see Yankee Stadium from here.

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