Sergey Kadinsky



Dec. 2004


Doors to Knowledge Series




Undergraduate Student Government at CCNY

Painted in December 2004 to celebrate the achievements of the Undergraduate Student Government at the City College of New York, this mural incorporates architectural details of the college's history. On the left, the Gothic window was originally designed by James Renwick Jr. for the original CCNY campus chapel in 1847. The lavender-colored banner displays one of the official colors of the college (the other is black). The Norman windows near the top of the mural are a detail taken form the Old Finley Hall, which served as a student center from 1951 to 1983.

On the left, the college color is used to describe a quatrefoil taken from the landmark Gothic buildings of the North Campus, with the year of the USG's founding. This mural is dedicated to Franklin Butler Crosby, a gifted CCNY student who died in battle in the Civil War. He was one of seven CCNY students who died for the Union cause.

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